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TD, Td, or td may refer to:

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  • Dew point, the temperature when saturation occurs (100% relative humidity)
  • Tropical depression, a weather system which is the predecessor of typhoon, cyclone or hurricane
  • Tropical disturbance, a low pressure organization that is moderately likely to form to a tropical cyclone

Other uses in science and technology[edit]


  • T. D. (mascot), an official mascot of the Miami Dolphins
  • Technical decision, a result in boxing when a fight is stopped because of an accidental headbutt
  • Touchdown, a means of scoring in Canadian and American football
  • Trenton Devils, an ECHL ice hockey team formerly known as the Trenton Titans


  • TD Midget, a T-type MG car manufactured in the United Kingdom between 1950 and 1953
  • SJ T44 (also known as Td), a Swedish diesel-powered locomotive
  • Tank destroyer, a type of armoured fighting vehicle
  • Turbodiesel, a diesel engine with turbocharger
  • touchdown (tango delta), an alternate term for landing

Other uses[edit]

  • /r/The_Donald, an Internet forum on Reddit commonly abbreviated "T_D"
  • Technical director, usually the most senior technical person within a software or theatrical company, or television studio
  • Territorial Decoration, a decoration awarded for twelve years' service in the British Territorial Army
  • Timothy Dwight College, a residential college at Yale University
  • Tracking (dog), a technique in which dogs are trained to locate certain objects by using the object's scent, for a variety of purposes

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